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   Fujian Zhiheng Electronic New Technology Co., LTD. is a company specialized in the research, development, manufacturing and operating of intelligent meter reading systems and monitoring management systems, and is a new high-tech, software and innovative pilot enterprise in the Fujian Province. It mainly produces and operates: wireless long-distance meter reading system for quantity meter, water meter outdoor display system, gas meter outdoor display system, heating energy measure outdoor display system、mass flow wireless meter reading system, GPRS mass flow meter real-time monitoring system, electricity meter reading  and monitoring management system, Audion Network Manufacture、Sale、 Real-time Reading meter Monitoring System. Our company has passed the ISO quality management system authentication. Our products successively obtained more than ten national intellectual properties, and were designated as the brand name products of Fujian Province. These products have also been identified as a science promotion project by the National Ministry of Construction and the Provincial Construction Department. The company is also listed in the EHSY of the first energy-saving products、the equipment and material supplier invested by Fujian government, and is adopted by the engineering construction industry as the standard of Fujian Province.
   Since its establishment in July 2003, our company has sticked to the development policy of “Self-Establishment, Self-Innovation and Creating Own Brand Name,” and has also upheld the entrepreneurship of “Making Progress and Innovation with Wisdom,” keeping in mind that “performance is our top priority, quality is our lifeline, and service is our basis.” Within several years, it has developed greatly. It has become a conglomerate of research, production, sales and service. At present, it has already had five subsidiary companies, such as Fujian Zhiheng Electronic New Technology Co., LTD., Fujian Zhiheng Software Technology Co., LTD., Fuzhou Zhicheng Electronic Engineering Co., LTD.,Jianyang Zhiheng Electronic Co., LTD. And Fuzhou Zhiyi Advertising Co.,LTD. It has the Zhiheng Technology Centre and Manufacturing Base, which both can be used for management control and technology development. It’s yearly productivity is more than one million pieces (sets). It has obtained the mass production ability and strong market competition ability.
   Our company will fully rely on the advantages of talented people, market and the key technical resources, continually develop new and high technology products to meet the demand of the market, seriously build ”Zhiheng” brand in order to make contributions to the cause of saving energy and reducing emissions, forming harmonious society and conservation-minded society as well as for the building up "digital city” and the development of the E-commerce.
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